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Latest News


May 2012 - August 2012
  • Research teams appointed to undertake the church growth research programme are announced and start work. 

  • Meeting of the strand leaders from the various teams appointed takes place.

  • Data preparation work undertaken.

  • Work undertaken to develop a survey for the church profiling strand.

  • A sample of church plants for inclusion in the church planting case study research is selected.

  • Interim studies of Fresh Expressions and Church Planting in the Dioceses of Liverpool and Canterbury completed. 

September 2012
  • Website launched for the church growth research programme.

  • Survey for church profiling strand to be piloted and finalised.

  • Church planting case study sub-strand fieldwork commences. 

  • The Sheffield Centre's work on Fresh Expressions and Church Planting continues. 

October - December 2012
  • Survey of 4,000 churches undertaken.

  • Analysis of existing data sets commences.

  • First round of interim reports due (December 2012).

  • Meeting of Church Growth Research Programme Advisory Panel (December 2012).

  • Fieldwork for Cathedrals and amalgamations strands underway.

 January - March 2013
  • Links made between existing data sets and data collected from the survey. 
  • Conference held for Cathedral Canons on Church Growth.

  • Fieldwork completed for Cathedrals, Fresh Expressions and amalgamations of benefices strands.

 April - June 2013
  • Meeting of the Advisory Panel and all strand leaders to consider emerging findings.

  • Data analysis work completed.

  • Provisional findings for church planting case studies written up.

 July - November 2013
  • 30 in-depth follow up interviews with churches who have taken part in the survey take place.

  • Fieldwork and analysis drawn together to produce draft final reports by November 2013,


 November 2013 - January 2014

  • Review of draft reports by the project Advisory Panel and production of second drafts.

  • Publication of key findings and Faith in Research conference on the research programme (January)