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Use this to engage with others around the country who have an interest in the different aspects of church growth. We really value your opinions and experiences and we would love for you to be a part of this exciting research programme.

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17th May 2013

Fresh Expressions in the Diocese of Derby

This is the report of Fresh Expressions in the Diocese of Derby.

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31st January 2013

Fresh Expressions in the Diocese of Liverpool

This is the first report from strand 3 of the research which is looking at Fresh Expressions. The research consider Fresh Expressions in 10 dioceses and the reports on each diocese will be posted as they are completed.

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10th September 2012

Invitation to tender document

This is the original invitation to tender for the research programme. The methodology, especially for the church profiling strand, has since evolved from the approach outlined in the tender document. Please see the section on the strands of the research for more detail.

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