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Use this to engage with others around the country who have an interest in the different aspects of church growth. We really value your opinions and experiences and we would love for you to be a part of this exciting research programme.

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Web links

The following sites may provide further information and resources on various aspects of church growth:

Church Army's Sheffield Research Centre: The Sheffield Centre researches research church planting and evangelism to post-Christian culture.

Centre for Church Growth Research (CCGR): The centre is run by a team from Cranmer Hall which is part of St John's College, Durham. It researches church growth across all Christian churches and, whilst its primary focus is the UK, it explores the international dimensions of church growth.

Fresh Expressions: Fresh Expressions encourages and resources new ways of being church.

Church growth modelling: Church growth modelling is a research project that attempts to understand the numerical growth and decline of the Christian Church using mathematics and system dynamics. 

The Arthur Rank Centre: Supporting rural churches and communities.

Mission Network News: A blog co-run by Rachel Jordan, the Church of England's National Mission & Evangelism Adviser.

British Religion in Numbers (BRIN): Hosted by The University of Manchester, British Religion in Numbers is an online religious data resource to help people visualise and understand data.

Messy Church: Visit this site in order to find out more about 'Messy Church', a Fresh Expression of Church which is showing very encouraging signs of growth.