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The Church Army's Research Unit work on Fresh Expressions (Church Planting)

There is already a large amount of data available on Fresh Expressions and church plants, held by the Church Army's Research Unit. Further, at the time of commissioning this research programme, detailed work was underway with a single diocese (Liverpool) to refine the data currently available with plans to extend this work to other dioceses. Thus this sub-strand involves grafting research onto the existing research begun by the Sheffield Centre, enabling the study to consider at least twice as many dioceses as originally planned for.

The study will consider whether and how the church planting and fresh expressions movement has started to generate net growth, to suggest good practice and successful patterns. Such research will enable evaluation of whether certain sorts of church plants or fresh expressions are more effective than others in producing church growth and the evaluation of the effectiveness of pioneer ministry as opposed to existing patterns of ordained ministry in producing church growth. From all this it will be possible to draw out funding and policy implications.

The research will examine fresh expressions / church planting in up to 15 dioceses and thus bring a much stronger representative picture. These will be from north and south, urban and rural, strongly disposed to fresh expressions and not and so offer a representative picture of what is happening nationally. You can read reports of the findings from the work carried out in the dioceses studied to date by clicking here.



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