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Use this to engage with others around the country who have an interest in the different aspects of church growth. We really value your opinions and experiences and we would love for you to be a part of this exciting research programme.

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Existing Material

This section of the website contains a range of existing material on church growth.

The Statistics sub-section enables you to explore key statistics and trends in relation to church growth and decline within the Church of England. The charts cover attendance figures, data on the distribution of growing and declining parishes in the Church of England, Baptisms and Marriages and Cathedrals.

The sub-section Literature on Church Growth highlights some of the material already published on church growth. This is very much an initial attempt to highlight some of the literature on church growth. Your suggestions for extending this section would be greatly appreciated and there is a contact form which will enable you to submit ideas for further items which could be included.

Thirdly, case studies of growing churches provide some examples of the stories behind the growth experienced by a variety of Church of England churches from a range of contexts and locations. This section will be refreshed and added to regularly.