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St. Ann, Tottenham

  • Diocese London
  • Context Diverse Urban Priority Area
  • Website
  • Growth 1994: AWA - 90 >> 2011: AWA - 400+


In 1994 John Wood took up his appointment as priest-in-charge at St Ann's in Tottenham that had one congregation. Today the church has three congregations within its own buildings and has also planted two other churches on local estates.

John Wood has identified four key principles underlying the significant growth that has taken place at St Anne's since 1994.

  • Fundraising and Stewardship
    Raising sufficient funds to put the two halls owned by the church into good order and managing them in such a way as to raise revenue along with a strong emphasis on stewardship (the congregation gives over £100,000 p.a) has helped to create a more secure financial position and provided a base for the church to grow in its ministry and mission.
  • Building a staff team
    In 1994 the staff team consisted of John and a lay assistant. Today the staff team consists of 40 people. Wherever possible the church is using staff who are drawn from the different ethnic communities who are resident in Tottenham. There is an emphasis on delegating responsibility to individuals rather than committees.
  • Partnership
    The church is open to partnerships with anyone who will work with it. The key dynamic to all these partnerships is mutuality – the church and its partners really listen to each other's agendas rather than trying to impose things on each other.
  • Cell Groups
    140 congregation members are currently in cell groups and they are for everyone, from the elderly down to primary school children, and they take many different forms. For example, a cell group for young adult men meets to play football first, followed by a short Bible-led discussion.
  • Other Factors that have contributed to the growth of St Ann's include:
    • The Church is good at welcoming newcomers and at helping them to become active members of the congregation.
    • The emphasis on welcome is reinforced by the fact that the church is open every day.
    • The style of worship is recognizably Anglican with Pentecostal and Gospel elements married to an informal, interactive approach.
    • Services are family friendly and groups cater for children and young people of all ages.