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The Radford Parish of All Souls and St Peter's

Carolyn and Mark Gilmore were appointed as the lay ministers of the Radford parish in 2006 after a five year interregnum had seen the average congregation fall to about 15. The parish has two church buildings, All Souls and St Peters, which are complementary to each other. St Peter's is a more traditional church building towards the North West of the parish with large gardens and yard that makes it ideal for summer community activities such as BBQ's and fetes. All Souls, at the South of the parish, takes the form of a community building with a sports hall and other meeting rooms that can accommodate more social outreach type projects.

Carolyn and Mark work alongside the Children's and Families Worker, Rachel, who is the only other paid employee of the parish. Her work is considered key to the future and continued growth of the church as she engages with those families on the fringe of church as well as those who have never encountered church before. The parish staff team are actively involved with the local primary schools and have a very good relationship with Southwold Primary inparticular, where Rachel works one day a week. The social cohesion that the school and the church has nurtured is very encouraging with Muslim and Sikh children and families regularly visiting the church and attending a growing Messy Church.

A major change that Carolyn and Mark made when they first took on the leadership role was to recruit new church wardens. By recruiting church wardens of differing backgrounds and ethnicity, the parish managed to create an environment that was welcoming to all and allowed for creativity as new ideas for outreach were suggested. Today the parish sees around 80 regular weekly attendees to its three forms of church; St Peter's, All Souls and their Messy Church.